My mom and baby me.

Navajos believe that those closest to the Spirit World are new babies, pregnant women, and the very old. That’s because babies are newly arrived from the Spirit World, the expecting mother is in contact with the SW, and the old person will soon depart for the SW. (Navajo friends, correct me if necessary).

It fits. As a lady-in-waiting, you feel a Spirit close, and the new babies, well, we all arrive as Wordsworth says: “…trailing clouds of glory do we come…from God who is our home.”

PS: In later years a hysterectomy gave me a new realization. The surgery made me feel cut off from the Eternities. As a women capable of bearing children, I had felt that privileged connection.

From my Mother, Donna McEvoy (who is on a mission in Russia, by the way).

Stanley Christmas card photo from 1976. Jake, Rachel, Sara, Joshua and me.

Note from Design Mom: My parents worked as teachers among the Navajo Nation for years. In fact, my oldest brother Jake, is a member of the Navajo tribe.