By Gabrielle. Paintings by Lee Bennion.

I think the happiest thing to arrive in my inbox this week, was a link to a 4 minute documentary about artist, Lee Bennion. It’s inspiring and totally worth watching!

In addition to painting, Lee is also the maker of fantastic skin salve. It’s called Mom’s Stuff and it’s the best! One little jar lasts for ages and the salve is so soothing. Lee is married to Joe Bennion, the talented potter we visited in this Olive Us episode. Take a look at the mini-doc:

Near the end of the video, Lee says something that I keep thinking about. Speaking of herself and her husband, she says something like: If we can make a living doing painting and pottery and making the salve and river guiding, those are all things we feel good about. We like doing them, and they bless and benefit other people’s lives.

Isn’t that a lovely way to think? I’m so impressed with the life they’ve built and how they choose to spend their time. What about you? Are you able to do work that you love right now?