Have you ever in a million years thought of using your dishwasher to prepare dinner? (Did your jaw just drop? I still can’t wrap my brain around this one!) After a lot of research, trial recipes, and experimentation with different wash cycles, Lisa Casali wrote the guide and recipe book Cucinare in Lavastoviglie, which translates to cooking with the dishwasher.

It’s the same principle as cooking at low temperatures, a technique that saves time and uses 60% less fat than with normal cooking processes, and also enhances a food’s natural taste. This means less salt and calorie-laden condiments. Just grab a few canning jars and vacuum bags, and cook an entire meal while simultaneously cleaning all the prep dishes and utensils. Sounds good to me!

I’m sure there was a point in history when the microwave was considered to be an out-of-this-world Jetson-esque crazy machine, but look how we now rely on it to save time. Would you ever try this?