the difference between percale, sateen, and linen sheets

I really enjoyed the bedding 101 info I just learned from Parachute Home. They reached out about working with me on a Master Bedroom refresh for the fall. And I was like: warm sheets and cozy quilts? An excuse to finally hang artwork above the bed? Yes, please!

the difference between percale, sateen, and linen sheets

What is it:
After experiencing luxe sheets in Italy, the founder of Parachute Home went on a bedding hunt here in the U.S., and couldn’t find what she wanted. It inspired her to develop a line of the best sheets on the market — sheets that didn’t come at an insane price point and weren’t laden with chemicals. She also wanted inspire a community around sleep, wellness and creating a comfortable home.

Parachute is based in Venice Beach, California. Designs happens at their headquarters there, and they work with factories in Portugal, Turkey, Italy and the U.S. for manufacturing.

the difference between percale, sateen, and linen sheets

Why do I like it:
I’m super impressed with the quality. It’s clear they only use the best materials and they pay attention to details. Details like the tidy pocket opening on the their pillow cases, the charming stamped branding on their decorative pillow collaboration, and the gloss/matte contrast on their scented candle. The limited, neutral is something I appreciate as well. They offer options in a natural, tonal palette inspired by the ocean and Venice Beach.

the difference between percale, sateen, and linen sheets

I also really appreciated the primer on the difference between percale, sateen and linen. I tend to favor percale — especially the version from Parachute. It has the BEST texture. The sheets come out of the packaging feeling freshly washed — like you just pulled them from the clothesline on a sunny day. They have that clean, but not perfectly ironed feel. 

the difference between percale, sateen, and linen sheets

Who would love this:
Anyone looking for that laid back but high quality, Kinfolk-style, lazy Sunday morning, light and bright look.

the difference between percale, sateen, and linen sheets

Something quirky:
The sheets set don’t come with a top sheet automatically. It’s European-style thing. In hotels throughout Europe, it’s common to have a bottom sheet, but not top sheet. Instead, the duvet cover — which is made out of sheeting material — functions as the top sheet. But no worries, if you prefer a top sheet, they’re available.

I do prefer them, and I ordered one, and it’s the best fitting top-sheet I own. Most top sheets just don’t have enough fabric at the sides to tuck in when making the bed, but the one I ordered (queen size, percale) is generously cut with plenty of fabric.

Favorite piece:
I think my favorite is the Essential Quilt in Graphite. It’s the perfect weight — not too heavy and cumbersome — but really comfortable and cozy. It comes in lovely color options, and it has a square grid design. I’ve used square grids throughout the master bedroom and bathroom so it makes me happy that this fits right in.

Another favorite is the sleek black the scented candle — I haven’t even lit it yet, but it has already scented the room. And it looks great with other black details (like frames and light fixtures) in the space.

If you just want to try one thing:
Not sure where to start? If you’re going to try one item, definitely make it a sheet set. Parachute’s goal when they launched was to create the best sheets on the market, and they really are remarkable.

Or, it would be fun to gift the Essential Quilt in baby size. It would make the sweetest newborn present!

Now I’d love to hear: do you favor Percale, Sateen or Linen? I’ve tried all three over the years. For awhile there I thought I preferred linen, but I think I was fooling myself. I like the idea of linen, but for sheets, I prefer the feel of of non-satiny cotton. How about you?

I would also add that climbing into a bed made with freshly washed sheets is in my top ten (maybe top five!) favorite things in the world. Knowing that, you would think I would make a point of making up our bed with fresh sheets daily, but it just doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I suppose that makes it all the better when it actually does happen. : ) Anyone else adore climbing into a tidy bed with fresh sheets?

P.S. — Photos of the master bedroom before artwork was above the bed.


Photos by Gabrielle Blair for Design Mom. This post is sponsored by Parachute Home.