I don’t know where sisters Julia and Ellen Lupton live, but I wish they were my neighbors and that we had a standing lunch date on Fridays.

I think you should go buy their book, Design Your Life, right away. It is a fascinating work. Filled with all sorts of information you didn’t realize you wanted to know. Like how to make odd stuffed animals and a basic tutorial on fonts and why you should probably be irritated by suitcases with wheels.

It does not need to be read from front to back — you can flip to pretty much any page and find something engaging — which makes it the perfect book to have near your sofa or nightstand or wherever you might want something interesting to distract you for a few minutes.

The writing is smart and the illustrations (all done by Ellen) will make you smile. $16 at Amazon — I promise you will not have buyer’s remorse. I bought 3 copies as gifts last week.