We spent the weekend back to school shopping and I was reminded that I love this season! All the stores put on such great displays and there are always adorable things to discover. So I thought I’d share 7 of the most fun items I’ve seen, perfect for filling your backpack with style.

1. Start with a rad backpack. So cool you’ll want to borrow it from Junior.
2. Add a pencil case in colorful denim with contrast zipper — lots of other color combos available, and a cheerful interior too!
3. Beeswax crayons made in Boulder, Colorado can go in the pencil case.
4. Next, try a froggy 2-tiered bento box for lunch. Or maybe a ladybug, or panda.
5. Include legendary French Rhodia notebooks. Every student here uses these.
6. Way more fun than a standard ruler, try a wooden carpenter’s folding ruler. They feel part practical, part fun to play with.
7. Top things off with a classic yoyo. Have your kids practice on the weekends and earn all sorts of playground cred when they put the yoyo “to sleep” at recess.

Tell me friends, have you (or will you) do any back to school shopping this year? Do you look forward to it? What are your favorite parts? Or is shopping not your thing?