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Here’s something new. Well, it’s actually kind of old, but new too. Tomorrow, I’m sending out the very first email to my Design Mom newsletter mailing list. That might not seem too groundbreaking, but I’ve been gathering newsletter subscriptions for years (literally), and have never actually sent out a newsletter. So this feels like kind of a big deal. I mean, email addresses have been added to my list for so long, that I’m sure some of them aren’t even current anymore. Hah!

I’m not totally clear on what has held me up all this time. It’s kind of got me stumped. Over the last few years I’ve designed 10 different newsletter templates. I’ve gathered a huge folder of newsletter examples I love. I’ve done probably 80 hours of how-to newsletter research. I’ve drafted at least a dozen “first” newsletters. And then, something holds me up, and I just never hit send.

Do you ever have projects like that? Where you manage to get to 99% finished, and then stop just short of completion? So weird and frustrating, right? 

But hey, it’s finally happening. The first letter goes out tomorrow morning (Tuesday). And I definitely want YOU on the list. You can subscribe here.

Remember my Random Thoughts posts? Well, that’s the format I’m using for the newsletters. They’ll be filled with interesting links, fun tidbits, personal updates, and other good stuff. If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover, please let me know. And if you have any favorite newsletters that you subscribe to, I’d love to hear that too! I’m always on the look out for good ones.

P.S. — Fun fact: Design Mom turned 11 years old last month. Insane, right? And I didn’t even acknowledge or remember it, because it was such a funny month at our house. So consider this newsletter launch an 11th birthday celebration for this little blog of mine.