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By Gabrielle. Photos from the Corte Madera Book Event courtesy of Pottery Barn.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written about my book, but I have several fun things to report. First of all, last week, I got a text from my publisher telling me that Design Mom: How to Live With Kids made the New York Times Bestseller list for May and June.

Whaaaat??? That’s such fantastic and unexpected news. I can’t even believe it!

I know that the book literally could not have made any list without the support that you, the Design Mom community, have so freely given. THANK YOU! Thank you for coming to the book tour events. Thank you for buying the book. Thank you for the Amazon reviews. (You are so awesome to keep them coming! I sincerely appreciate the feedback.) Thank you for the Instagrams, the Tweets, and the Facebook updates about the book — I know I’ve missed some of them, but if you tag your posts with #designmombook, I’ll do my best to find them : ) And thank you for telling your friends about the book. You guys are the best!

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Other fun book coverage:

An article with my tips in the Washington Post.

A great review in Book Page.

Another one in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

And I think I already mentioned it, but the SF Chronicle dedicated two full pages to my book!

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For those of you wondering about future Book Tour stops, I can tell you that nothing is officially on the calendar…  yet. My publicist had a stop scheduled in Austin for June and another stop in Salt Lake City for June (while I was there for Alt Summit), but I’ve been pretty worn out from all the travel, and asked her to put a pause on the book tour. I’m thinking this fall maybe I could do a bit more.

That said, the book tour stops have each been fantastic! Here are some mini reports:

The four Pottery Barn store events made me super happy. The staff at each location was helpful and welcoming. And the stores looked so fresh and cheerful! They had yellow displays that coordinated with the book, yummy refreshments, plus the cutest custom cookies — decorated with a handprint! — to give as party favors.

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My co-hosts in each spot — Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt in Seattle, Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely in Chicago, Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte in Atlanta and my sister Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day in Corte Madera — were perfect. So gracious and enthusiastic and supportive!

The photos on this post were taken at the Corte Madera Pottery Barn here in the Bay area. Five of my kids, plus Ben Blair, were able to attend and it was such a memorable day!

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It was fabulous to see the stacks of Design Mom books on display. I loved signing books while chatting with attendees one-on-one. And it was such a treat to teach the custom plate DIY from the book as well. Pottery Barn is the BEST! They did a terrific job putting the store events together, and I’m so grateful to them for supporting the book tour.

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In addition to the Pottery Barn events, there are 3 other book tour stops I wanted to tell you about — Phoenix and Houston and Denver.

In Arizona, we had a book party at Changing Hands in Tempe, and Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook did a fantastic job with the Q&A. Plus, Peilan Chen, and my sister Rachel Rodgers, both came to help decorate and prep gift bags. I was so grateful to both of them. And the crowd! What an energetic turn out — and I adored the extended Q&A from the attendees. So many good questions and such a fun discussion!

Book Tour Photos1

In Houston, the book party took place at Blue Willow Bookshop, with Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks doing the Q&A. I always love chatting with Karen and this was no exception! Catherine Haskew volunteered in Houston — she completely handled the gift bags, brought a friend to help with decorations, and even brought her husband Mike to take photos! I couldn’t thank her enough. It was such a fun event. Blue Willow Bookshop is a really special place and they have an awesome tradition of inviting authors to sign their walls.

Then, in Denver, the book party was held at Tattered Cover Books in their new Aspen Grove location. Aimee Giese of Greeblehaus was my Q&A partner and she did a marvelous job. Jill Langley was my local contact there. She met me at the store to decorate, and had the the gift bags all prepped and ready to go. And then she came to Alt Summer, and I was able to connect with her there as well! It was a full house and I loved being in Colorado! I know I didn’t live there very long, but I still feel right at home when I visit.

Book Tour Photos2Book Tour Photos3

When I think about the book tour, I feel waves of gratitude come over me. I’m just stunned at the kindnesses that were extended to me — from attendees, from co-hosts, from volunteers and from each store location. I’m a lucky girl. And again, I can’t thank this community enough!