A little bit of Housekeeping:

A) So. I am still loving the Giveaways. And although the Giveaway-A-Day-For-A-Month has to end, the Giveaways can continue. They will continue. With no regular schedule, but reliably appearing 3 or 4 times a month. These randomly occuring Giveaways will have an entry window of 48 hours — because I know that women are busy creatures and we can’t always spend as much time blogging as we would like. So keep reading. I’ll keep you happy.

B) Last Saturday was my 5 month blogiversary. Yes. Sadly, I just said blogiversary. And it’s got me thinking about my 6th month blogiversary which will occur on January 9th. To commemorate the occaision, I plan to launch a new project on this blog on that date. I won’t give you all the details now, but I will tell you the basics: Paul Ferney, my artist brother-in-law (married to this sister) is going to work with me on a picture book. I’ve got a draft of the text shaping up and he’s going to do the illustrations. We will post our progress week-by-week and page-by-page and get your feedback as we go along. And. We’ll put the word out there that our goal is to have a publisher in place by the time the book is finished. Then. We’ll see what happens.

C) Because it is busy, busy, busy December, I’m giving our next Guest Mom a break and not putting her on the schedule until January. I love having Guest Mom’s around, so I’ll be homesick. But I’ll also be eagerly anticipating Laurie Smithwick’s posts beginning on Monday, January 8th.

D) Last but not least, I’ll be slowing down the posts here at Design Mom as the Giveaways end and I get my act together for Christmas. I won’t leave you totally hanging. I’ll try to leave a little something to perk you up if it’s a downer day — but I’ve got some shopping to do! Then, I’ll be back in full force in January.

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