I’m always encouraging my kids to try new things, from food to hobbies and even moving halfway across the world to a country where they do not speak the language! As an adult, I’ve kind of forgotten that this process can be scary. Exhilarating, but definitely scary, right? Which got me wondering about the last thing you tried for the very first time. Was it life-changing? And would you do it again? A few friends are helping me get the conversation started, and I hope they inspire us all to try something new today!

Trina of Beginner Beans:
Surfing. I was 15 and had just taken my first plane trip over an ocean to Hawai’i. We were on our way to Mongolia. It was my first time out of the U.S. and the longest I had lived away from my family. I’ve had a lot of firsts since then, but that year holds a special spot in my memory for showing me the joy of mastering very few things and becoming a beginner in many things. Would I surf again? Maybe. A husband, two kids, and a happily settled life later, I miss the adventure of travel more than I miss surfing. Which is why I’ve made being an everyday beginner my life adventure.

Bessie of Sisserman Sable:
A few weeks ago I decided it was about time I started our twins’ baby blankets. Usually I can knit or sew one up in a matter of days, so I decided I would do something new this time and crochet them instead. How hard could it be? I started one night whilst the kids were in bed, but I just couldn’t grasp it.  When my husband came into the room I was a crying wreck in the middle of the bed. But I picked up that hook and I started again. And now I have one nearly completed blanket. The second may not be finished by the time they arrive, or by their first birthdays with six kids in the house, but I’m still going to do it. I’m going to do it again, but only once. Then I will throw out that darned hook forever!

Robin of A Chow Life:
I quit my job! It was surely something I never dreamed of doing and something that was totally out of character for me. As my wedding neared a couple of years ago, I revealed to my (now) husband I was unhappy at work. It was really a relief to admit it. After years of satisfying work, I knew I needed a change. But I was terrified! After all, I went to law school to be a lawyer. I didn’t go with the intention of being anything else. However, that’s where I found myself — I wanted to be something else! Specifically, I wanted to do something creative. So I did it. I left. I handed in a letter of resignation to my boss with tears in my eyes. That was pretty embarrassing, but it was also thoroughly exhilarating.

And, yes, I’d do it again. Again and again. I’m here two years later, happier than ever. I’ve got a wonderful husband and a tiny sweet daughter. Best of all, I spend my free time writing. It’s always been my passion and now I am privileged to do it every day!

Sarita of I Love Gifting:
The last thing I tried for the very first time is starting from scratch! I’ve just moved from India to Denmark and this entails me doing several things for the first time.

I’ve left my comfort zone, not to mention family and friends. I have gone back to the starting line once again — setting up a home (exciting and fun!), learning Danish (it’s tough!), making friends in a new country (not easy for an introvert!). And being a stay at home mom after ten years as communications professional has meant I don’t have the security of a job. But, I have the opportunity to do two things I love: blogging about gifting and painting.

Would I do it again? Yes. Starting over in a new place has  broadened my horizons in every possible way. And I have my super husband and darling daughter to share this experience with me.

Evanthia of Merely Mothers:
The last thing I tried for the very first time was web design. Although I don’t have a technical background, when it came time to redo our blog, I decided to call on my background in art and my love of design to create something that captured our message: just because we stay at home with our children all day, it doesn’t mean we aren’t introspective, creative, modern women! I spent a lot of time studying other people’s blogs — the layouts, the color schemes, the navigation — to decide which elements to integrate into our own site. Of course, figuring out how to navigate through CSS and PHP code was terrifying, and a couple of times I actually “broke” our site, but it was worth the effort. I gained a whole new appreciation for everything that goes on behind the scenes of beautiful websites. We love the new look!


I feel so proud of you right now, ladies! Surfing, coding, starting over in a new country, crocheting two blankets while pregnant with twins, and walking away from a career as an attorney; these are all wonderfully refreshing and inspiring stories! Tell me, friends: What’s the last thing you tried for the very first time?

Oh, I’m already motivated to try something new today, aren’t you? What will it be?

The farthest I could trace this photo is Tumblr. [Update: image by Michelle Haymoz] Doesn’t it make you want to surf?

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