It’s March, which is the perfect month to commit a random act of kindness. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I feel the same way about the other eleven!) So I asked a few kind souls  to finish the following sentence: The sweetest thing I’ve ever done for a stranger – or – the sweetest thing a stranger has ever done for me…

And, of course, they were sweet enough to answer!

Anne Sage of City Sage and Rue Magazine:
I’m blessed to say that it’s hard to choose just one random act of kindness to share – there have been so many! One recent occasion that comes to mind: an assistant at my favorite fitness studio approached me out of the blue and told me that I have beautiful arms. My arms have always been my least favorite part body of my body, and I’d spent that workout class in particular dissecting their flaws in the mirror, so her unexpected compliment was especially appreciated. I walked away with a spring in my step and a smile of my face!

(Oh, and that favorite fitness studio? It’s The Dailey Method in San Francisco’s Mission/Castro neighborhood. I’m addicted to this exercise system!)

Eileen Calandro of The Calandro Clan and Mom Central:
The sweetest thing I’ve ever done for a stranger is inviting a group of travelers to camp in my backyard when they couldn’t find any place with a vacancy in our area. I overheard them talking in our local coffee shop, and am always drawn in by an Australian accent! They ended up staying for two nights, and we are still all in touch on Facebook. It was one of my favorite serendipitous connections I’ve ever made!

Maryam Montague of My Marrakesh:
One of the nicest things I’ve ever done for a stranger was giving a woman a gift of an 85-year old dress. I met her one evening and learned she had a passion for embroidery. So I wrapped up a hand-embroidered dress I had purchased in Yemen on assignment, and sent it to her in LA in a brown paper parcel. Apparently, it fit like a glove!

Colleen Ludovice of Inspired to Share:
A few years ago, I was home from college on summer break and I decided to take my bike out in the beautiful weather. I went for an easy ride around the neighborhood, and before I knew it, I had fallen sideways when caught between the side of the road and gravel. I scraped my hands badly and was bleeding. Without knowing what else to do, I approached the house across the street as there were some kids outside playing. Slightly terrified, they went and got their mother and she was so unbelievably kind to me by taking me inside where I could wash my hands and put on bandages. They got my bike from across the street and even drove me home! I felt silly and embarrassed that I had fallen but completely humbled by the whole experience. I will never forget their kindness and generosity!


Thank you, lovely ladies! Your sweetness is catching, and you’ve inspired me to be on the lookout for any little opportunity to commit a random act of kindness. How about you, Friends? Please be sweethearts and join in on the fun! I can’t wait to hear how you finish this sentence: The sweetest thing I’ve ever done for a stranger – or – the sweetest thing a stranger has ever done for me…

Brilliantly kind billboard found on Pinterest.

P.S. Have you ever seen this Improv Everywhere video? Saying something nice is one of the easiest ways to spread kindness, isn’t it?