What do you see when you look in the mirror every morning? Some days the reflection is better than others, isn’t it? My mirror tells me how much sleep I’ve gotten, whether I’ve been drinking enough water, and even how happy I’m feeling! I’d love to know all about your favorite physical feature — the one you celebrate even when your skinny jeans are feeling a little too skinny, or your hair is misbehaving no matter how many times you brush it! Let’s get our conversation started with four new friends and their most loved beauty marks.

Carrie of Natural Moms Talk Radio:
I suppose it would be my eyes. They’re the thing that I seem to be famous for. My kids say I can be really intimidating when I give them “the look,” but at other times they actually make me look rather innocent! One of my deserted island beauty picks would be an eyelash curler. I never leave the house without curling my eyelashes!

Mackenzie of Pint-Sized Mama:
I’ve always loved my long eyelashes. People often mistake them for false eyelashes, and I don’t mind having to correct them! I love that one swipe of mascara instantly makes me feel feminine. As a new mom, the length and volume of my eyelashes help to hide my tired eyes, which seem to always need disguising.

Lauren of Plumfield Shop:
The physical feature that never lets me down is my eyes. They are large and brown and, no matter what I’m wearing or what my hair looks like, they always look great! I don’t even wear eye makeup because I love the way my eyes look naturally. It’s fun to look back at pictures of myself through the years and see how my eyes remain the same. They are the constant on my face that makes me look like myself.

I associate brown eyes with kindness and intelligence — two things that I hope others see in my eyes. Non-verbal communication and eye contact are so important to me, and I value my eyes all the more for helping me express myself.

Because I have dark brown hair and eyes (so different from his blond and blue), my husband calls me “Brownie.” I love it. He says he knew he wanted to marry me just by seeing my eyes. So, while I’ve always been partial to my eyes, now I appreciate them even more for helping me land the man of my dreams!

Lucy of Lucy Mitchell’s Diary:
I think I would have to say my hands. They are the only parts of my body I have not spent hours inspecting in a mirror! Not once have I looked at them from ten different angles and then sighed, never have I complained about them over coffee with friends. Yes, I like my hands.


Thank you, ladies! I love finding beauty — especially in the mirror and on Design Mom! It’s your turn, Friends: Do your eyes search for your flaws, or race straight to all of your favorite features? Tell us all about every part of you that you adore!

Photo of Jayne Mansfield by Bert Stern found here.

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