There comes a moment at the cusp of every new season when we crave something new. Even if there’s not a major change in temperatures or wardrobe layers, there’s got to be at least one item that tops your list of what you need to herald in the new month. And so I ask this week: What is your first fall purchase that you can’t wait to make?

Cheryl of It’s Two AM:
When the weather turns a bit cooler, the skies turn grey, and the New England leaves begin their brilliant burn-out, I start craving color. Those Autumnal reds and oranges, and bright goldenrod yellows remind me of the first fall frost, and the crisp air invigorates my desire to get up, get moving, and get things done.

This past weekend I made my first fall purchase: a tube of Russian Red lipstick by MAC. I can’t seem to stop wearing it! It is such a pop of take-me-seriously brightness, which has been the perfect foil for these past few days of gloomy rainy weather. Whether it’s been a quick trip to the grocery store for bread and cheese, or a walk down the driveway to pick up the mail, that small tube of lipstick has managed to make all my daily chores just a teeny bit more glamorous, which in turn, makes me just a little more likely to get them done. Who knew lipstick is the secret to To-Do List success?

Annabel Vita:
Every Autumn I look forward to going to Marks & Spencer and stocking up on lots of basic tights in black, grey, and blue. It makes me feel prepared for the winter and ready to enjoy cold weather clothes. Then I like to go to Noa Noa and treat myself to one very fancy pair of lovely thick tights for the really chilly days. At the moment, I’m eying these lovely spotted ones!

Grace of Sense and Simplicity:
I’m mad about plaid these days. It evokes all the warmth and comfort and cocooning of fall and winter. So, I’m on the lookout for something plaid to add to our home. I love the look of a table set with a plaid blanket or a few meters of tartan material as a tablecloth, simple dishes, and lots of things from nature arranged in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. And nothing beats the coziness of a soft wool plaid blanket across the end of your bed or to wrap yourself in when you are reading or watching TV. With some plaid around the house, I say bring on the cold weather!

Britt Van Deusen of Design Omnivore:
My favorite fall purchase has already been made! It was my girls’ backpacks and jackets. And even though the stuff is cool just straight from the Lands’ End website, my daughters and I made them even cooler with some custom-designed embroidery. My six-year-old designed a logo consisting of our dog, Lady, in a heart, and then I designed a monogram that says Van D. Our local embroidery shop, Atlantic Embroidery Works, kindly put our designs on the backpacks and jackets, and the result is too cute!


Plaid, thick tights, cute monogrammed jackets…I want to start a fire and cozy up to fall, don’t you? You bring the marshmallows and I’ll  make the cocoa! Also, this is probably the fourth rave review I’ve read on that Russian Red lip color; it’s probably time to try it out. Thank you, ladies, for chiming in this week and revving us up for fall!

And now I’d love to hear from you! What is your first fall purchase that you can’t wait to make?

The perfect plaid via Daniella Marie.

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