It’s no secret that babies and kids thrive on rituals, but I don’t believe we ever outgrow the need for regular routines that make our days more enjoyable. How many times have you hit pause on a midday slump with a 15-minute read in your favorite chair? Staved off a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day with a well-made bowl of oatmeal, a freshly-organized junk drawer, or just a swipe of red lipstick? Carved a tiny chunk of time out of your afternoon no matter the chaos around you for a slow cup of tea, ready to jump back into the fray after the very last sip?

Daily rituals are good things, Friends, and I’d love to hear all about yours! So I asked a few lovelies to get the conversation started with their own, finishing this sentence: My favorite daily ritual has to be…

Marisa of Make Happy:
…preparing my morning latte. Or tea or breakfast of quinoa and kale or whatever I’m making that no one else wants. I find tranquility in methodically gathering my ingredients and preparing something just for me. I’ve been a mother just short of eight years, and it feels indulgent to enjoy an entire drink without a small person asking for a sip. It provides a few moments of peace in an otherwise chaotic day.

Laura of Lolalina:
…tea time with my nearly-two year old son, Bixby. The rest of the day he is quite literally climbing the walls, but for a few precious moments each afternoon, we sit together and have tea. He has his own tiny tea cup, a real one, not plastic, and I make us a pot of peppermint tea. He loves it! My mom started giving him sips of mint tea while she was visiting last summer, so continuing the tradition is a nice way to keep Bixby connected to his Nana, too. Even though it only lasts a few minutes, it’s a little time-out in the flow of our day, and I relish it.

Danielle of Elleinad Spir:
…nighttime cuddles. My husband typically reads to Bonham at bedtime. When they are done I hear the same thing each night, “Mommy, I’m ready for you!” and I walk in to see him waiting for me, with outstretched arms, for his 10 minutes of cuddles. The first few minutes are spent chatting about our day, or about what tomorrow might bring, then the last five are silent. Just holding each other close. I love listening to the sound of his breath slowing, calming, bringing his day to a close.


I loved these moments, didn’t you? It got me thinking of my own recharging rituals, from the wonderful one-on-one time I get to spent with Baby June when all the other kids leave for school to my Tuesday errands around town to those few minutes spent whispering with Ben Blair every night about the day we’ve shared.

Please chime in to our chat! I can’t wait to hear how you finish the sentence:  My favorite daily ritual has to be…

Photo provided by Marisa.

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