I love being a grown-up. It’s honestly one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever had. They let me drive a car, vote, buy an expensive piece of art or shoes if I so choose, and have six children! Total bonus. But sometimes I miss the carefree days of my childhood, when responsibilities were few and I didn’t have to drive a car or wear shoes! I’m curious: What’s the one thing you miss most about being a kid? A few friends were kind enough to reach into their memories and share their favorites with us. Let the conversation begin!

Kate at Explore with Twine:
The lack of responsibility. I miss being able to wander off and play whatever and wherever I wanted for long periods of time. As an adult with kids as my responsibility, my playtime is severely limited by the demands of my kid. I provide routine for him, but routine seems to squelch creativity so I have to be creative — and constantly aware of my time management — to squeeze in playtime for me. That awareness wasn’t present as a kid, which is one reason why the perception of time is different for adults!

Jen of Family Sponge:
Just being in the moment. I have to try extremely hard now to really stop and smell the roses, taste my food as I eat it, and just be in awe of my beautiful surroundings. When I was little, every day was an in-the-moment adventure and I just soaked it in. I would love to have that back.

Chris Ann of LoveFeast Table:
The freedom of laying in the grass and running barefoot through the poplars shaking out the sparrows on a warm summer evening.

Kristin, also of LoveFeast Table:
I want to remember the simplest of childhood pleasures – like jumping in mud puddles. The other day, there were sounds of screeching and giggling so I opened the curtain and peeked outside. Three of my kids sneaked out of the house during a rain shower and were jumping in all the grassy mud puddles. I don’t want to be so scheduled or disciplined or grown up to enjoy even the dirtiest of days that life brings my way!

Shelley of A Story About Faith:
I miss sitting on my father’s lap. When I was sad or having a problem, he would pat his leg as an invitation to climb up. He was a big man, and I would snuggle into the curve of his arm and listen to whatever wise advise he had to offer. Mostly he would say, “I love you, kid” and then remind me how special I was. I always left his lap feeling safe and loved and worthy. I miss that more than I can say now that he’s gone.


Thank you so much for sharing the best of your childhoods with us! Shelley, you made me cry! And now it’s your turn, Friends: What’s the one thing you miss most about being a kid? Who’s up for a sweet trip down Memory Lane?

Glittery bare feet found via Bippity Boppity Boo.

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