It’s almost September! The air is starting to smell a little crisper, the colors are hinting at change, and sweaters are becoming a welcome accessory in the chill mornings and at dusk. Oh, Friends! Summer is almost over. Almost. What’s the one thing you’re really, really dying to do before it ends? A warm thanks to Morgan, Melanie, Leslie and Christine for chiming in to this week’s conversation!

Morgan of The 818:
Every summer I plan to find the time to go camping at Point Mugu just past Malibu where my Dad used to take us as kids, and every year I miss snagging a reservation by a landslide. It’s heaven in LA. The camp sites are secluded and wooded, but there’s a short hike to a cove where a short stretch of beach feels untouched in a way that so little still does (at least, it did the last time I actually made it there). Last year we managed to get a group site in Carpenteria for an impromptu camping trip with two of my best friends from college and their kids, and I’d hoping we can all head out to the beach again before fall sets in. Actually, I think I’ll wrap this up so I can go make our reservation before I ace myself out again!

Melanie of Inward Facing Girl:
One of my very favorite things to do is explore contemporary art museums and galleries. The first thing I research when I’m planning a visit to another city is their art scene, and I try to keep on top of art events in my own city as well. While I’m not typically a huge fan of glass art, I have to visit Chihuly Garden and Glass before summer ends. I could wait until fall or even winter, but looking up through the Glasshouse and seeing sunny blue Seattle summer skies seems like a great way to experience the museum for the first time. I’m sure my two-year-old son will love it, too.

Leslie of Leslie Laughs:
Honestly, I’m dying to take a reading day! Required summer reading lists were always one of my favorite parts of school. Now that I’m a grown-up, I still find myself reading more books than usual in the summertime. The Texas heat slows me down to a more deliberate daily rhythm, and making time to read seems easier, more pleasurable. We’ve already gone to the beach, road-tripped to visit family, and grilled out a lot this summer, so the way I’m wanting to round out the season is a slow, lovely day by the pool with a cold drink and a few sweet reads.

Christine of Patterson Estate:
Oh, a full blown American-style picnic with all the necessary trimmings! We have just relocated to Hong Kong from the States and are currently enduring snippets of homesickness.

Once we stopped gawking up at the Hong Kong skyscrapers and focused a little lower, we discovered the fantastic parks. The Hong Kong Park is complete with koi ponds, aviaries, and tea houses. Plopping down our picnic basket full of American goodies amongst this Chinese menagerie would help smooth out our transition. I now know what we’ll be doing this weekend.


Thank you all for taking us along on your wishful adventures! And, Friends, promise you’ll sneak in something wonderful to mark the end of the season. You can write down your plans here, if you’d like; kind of like a very public must-do list!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if your last summer outing looked like the image at top?

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