I feel like I’ve been super inspired by everyone’s New Year’s resolutions; it’s a lovely effect that comes from sharing our lives with each other online. Hopes, dreams, and goals are pretty delicious, but I’ve been wondering how many of us filled up our plates with too much on the first day of 2012? And so I asked a few dreamy friends to tell us the state of their resolutions and answer the following question: It’s a few weeks into the New Year, and my million and one resolutions have been whittled down to…

Brandi of {not your average ordinary}:

…courage. This year is about having courage to say yes to opportunities that bring me closer to my dreams, and say no to overwhelming myself. In the past, I’ve traveled down paths that others have encouraged me to take, without ever being entirely sure of what I wanted. I will have courage to carve time for my creative endeavors, rather than spreading myself too thin.

This year, I will have courage to explore and have unexpected adventures. Some may be big, others smaller…like wandering down a street in my neighborhood I’ve never walked down before. When I break free from my normal routine, I discover new things: ideas, people, and places. I will have courage to talk to strangers and make new friends.

I will also have courage to be honest with myself. That begins with confronting some of the issues I’ve buried, like my emotional eating and body insecurities. I will embrace all the ways I am beautiful.

Finally, I will have courage to create the world in which I want to live. I will ask people about their dreams and do what I can to help them. I will brighten people’s days with small acts of kindness. I will give compliments, make people smile, and stop to listen when there is music playing. I will see the beauty around me and amplify it.

Molly of A Few Of My Favorite Things:

…four happy goals!

One. Have fun and act like a kid. I want to worry less about the state of my house and stop freaking out when life is not perfect, because it’s not. More dance parties and movie nights!

Two. Expect less. I know my marriage of almost ten years could have had far less bumps if I expected less and gave a little more. To keep track of my progress, I plan on keeping a small journal. Each night, I will list ten things that I loved about my husband that day.

Three. Wear more lipstick. Sounds a bit silly, yes? But there is something about lipstick that makes me happy. And since I keep my make-up simple, adding a fun lip color will be just the thing I need. I already armed myself with two new colors.

Four. Visit the dentist. I am embarrassed to admit this, but it has been a few years since I have gone. Yikes! Hopefully if I make it a goal, I will actually follow through. I need someone to hold me to it!

Christine White of Court & Hudson:

…figuring it out and jumping in. I’ve decided this year is my time to figure out the bigger vision for my career and really jump in full-speed ahead. Do my research, commit, and get moving. I know that sounds vague, but I’m excited!

Laura of L.A. Story:

…three. 2012 marks my 10th year in Los Angeles, and I’d love to explore even more off-the-beaten path places with my husband and five-year old daughter. We’ve shared a lot of Angeleno moments together, and I feel as if we haven’t even scratched the surface! And speaking of my husband, Ian, I want to make time for more extra-special date nights. I’m determined to relive more of our carefree, dating-in-the-city moments. The same goes for girlfriends, too! Because parenting comes before…well, everything…it’s hard to make time for those all-important friends who make you laugh, cry, and encourage embarrassing spit-takes. Let there be more of those in 2012!

Mary of Mary Loves:

… more music. I have been a beginner guitar player for over a decade. I’ve taken some lessons here and there, but I haven’t really progressed. It’s been especially hard to make time for it since the kids came along. Now, though, my boys are two and five; old enough to play on their own while I practice, or to sing and dance while I play Old MacDonald. My husband bought me a beautiful new guitar for Christmas, and it makes me happy just looking at it and having it in the house. I want to reach the end of the year feeling like my skills have improved, even if only a little. So my goal is to pick up my guitar every day. It is something that is mine, for me, and yet I know it will be good for my sons, too. Whether it’s picking out scales, practicing and singing songs I love, or playing songs for my boys, I will love all of it.

Pam of Outside Voice:

…focusing on predictability. As a style blogger it’s an odd focus; after all, we spend time and energy working on new trends and new looks and how to mix things up. But at the heart of life and style is the comfort of predictability… that look that becomes your signature… the knowledge of others that your word is meaningful… the safety and security your friends and family get from knowing exactly what you’ll say or how you’ll react. It’s all predictability. It’s sure and confident and centered, and it’s what I want to practice and master in 2012. In a great pair of earrings, of course!

Maggie Lord of  Rustic Wedding Chic:

…trying to find a balance. The balance that I have been looking for is really about giving my full attention to each section of my life without getting distracted. The perfect balance to me is spending precious time with my son and not letting work creep in while I check my emails or answer a work call. Sounds easy enough, but when you are an entrepreneur it’s harder than you think. I am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to spend the day with my son, but that luxury also demands some creativity when it comes to how to give the appropriate time to everyone and everything. I really feel strongly that in 2012 I can give each important part of my life, both family and work, the attention they need and deserve without cheating one for the other.

This age of struggle for working moms is something I know I am not facing alone. Given the digital age we live in with email and social media making us available to work at all times, I find it harder than ever to turn off work. This new year, I have decided to take my resolution one week at a time so that I can see how this balance thing is really working. As every mom out there knows, some days go your way and everything works like clockwork…and some days don’t seem to work at all! By taking this resolution one week at a time, it gives me the opportunity to make minor adjustments  and see what changes need to be made in order to keep the resolution going all year. Here’s to a great 2012!


Thank you, sweet ladies! I’m grateful to you for sharing your struggles and motivations; it was like hitting refresh on my own list of resolutions!

And now it’s your turn, Friends. I can’t wait to hear your answers! It’s a few weeks into the New Year, and my million and one resolutions have been whittled down to…

Courageous Heart bracelet by Laurel Denise as photographed by Marcy May Photography. Gleeful jump on the bed via Molly Elmer.