By Gabrielle. Image shot by Alix Martinez for Salt Magazine.

I love my body; it works in all the ways I need it to work. And even though there are a few features that have seen better days — bonjour, post-baby hair and lopsided breasts! —  I never really agonize over beauty. I am who I am. That said, if you asked me to describe myself to someone else, I guess I might list all my flaws first. Why is that? To keep it real? So that no one thinks I’m too happy with myself? Or worse, too proud? (Or even worse than that: completely delusional!)

All that to say, Dove’s latest ad campaign left me with tears and one swelled heart:

If you ask a little girl to describe herself, she will tell you of her beauty as long as you’ll listen. How fast her legs race, how strong are her muscles, and the birthmarks her family has told her are remarkable. She will be clear that she is beautiful. It’s simply one of many facts she has learned in her short life.

When does this love for ourselves disappear? And why? If you feel compelled — here in the comments or even aloud in the quiet of your own home — describe yourself honestly. Two or three amazing characteristics. With a smile on your face while doing so. Because, Friends, we are so much more beautiful than we think.

P.S. — In case you’re curious, this isn’t a sponsored post and I’m not working with Dove, but I wish I was! I keep hearing about their amazing work.