By Gabrielle. Image of Kirsten Grove’s lovely home. See the full tour here.

For any of you who need help putting your home together but are intimidated by hiring an interior designer, I just read about a new service and it might be appealing to you. It’s called My Designer In a Box. You describe your room + goals to Annie, and she sends you a box with a floor plan, materials, colors, shopping list — and a personal note! She charges by the room, and the turnaround is about 2 weeks. (Which means, you have time to redo your living room before Christmas!)

Hey, I get it. Hiring an interior designer is not a typical errand. Who do you call? How much do they charge? What exactly do they do? Do they come in to your home? Do they pressure you to spend more than you have? What if you don’t like their taste? What if they don’t like your taste?

These are all legitimate questions. And hiring a designer isn’t for everyone. But if your house is stressing you out, I highly recommend getting some help. It’s definitely worth a call — there is very likely an option out there that fits your budget, needs and project.

Tell me friends, have you ever worked with an interior designer? Did you enjoy it? And would you do it again?

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