I have vowed to get a head start on Fathers Day this year. I’m eyeing these gorgeous screen-printed wallets by DB Clay. They look so interesting and masculine and not at all boring. My very favorite is the Time To Swim.

Plus, they’re made from an eco-friendly synthetic (instead of leather) called tope. What is tope? I’ll let DB Clay explain: Tope is a specialized and sleek material that we’ve custom engineered specifically for constructing artfully printed wallets. Tope not only improves the look and functionality of our wallets but also reduces db clay’s ecological footprint by using environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions. Tope is strong. Tope is durable. Tope is heat and cold resistant. Tope is smooth textured. Tope is water resistant. Tope is robust. Tope is eco friendly and our material of choice for producing Version 3 and Version 3.1 wallets- the only product of their kind in the world.

Don’t you feel like pulling out a wallet like this would help your wears-a-tie-everyday-husband feel like he’s pretty cutting edge? Like maybe he drives a Harley. Or owns tech stock. Or is kind of a skater. (I’ve always had a thing for skaters.)

Wallet version 3.1 just came out. Twelve very cool options. And you can own one first. At a hefty discount no less — type in dmom30x and you’ll get 30% off your order!! Feel free to spread the word. This isn’t just a Design Mom exclusive — anyone can take advantage of this awesome deal.