By Gabrielle.

Every once in a while, someone tells a story that becomes more than the words in it. This is one of  them.

I’ve sat here, my fingertips floating above my keys, trying to find the letters to tell you how wonderful and mood-sweetening this is and how it’s truly the very definition of a forever love, but I can’t say it any better than this: “I always said the only gift I have to give you is a poor one…and it’s myself…and I always gave it…and if there’s a way to come back and give it, I’ll do that, too.”

StoryCorps is a lovely, lovely site.

P.S. — I’m starting with this New York story today, because the Eastern Seaboard is on my mind. To my friends in the path of Hurricane #Sandy, I’m praying you’ll stay safe and warm and dry.