For Those Curious About Goddess Camp featured by popular lifestyle blogger Design Mom

Anyone else with hippie stuff on their mind these days? I suppose I’ve always been curious about things like astrology and auras — I find myself tuning in when my friends who are really into stuff like that, are in the mood to pass along their knowledge. My curiosity definitely expanded with our daughter heading off to college. Maude’s visits home from Berkeley were always accompanied by new-to-me information on astrology signs. (What do you expect, Mom? It’s Berkeley.)

From what I understand, it turns out you not only have a Sun Sign based on the date of your birth, you also have a Moon Sign and a Rising Sign that are based on the exact time of your birth.

Not sure what your time of birth is? You can ask your parents (though let’s be real, I couldn’t tell you the exact time of birth of any of my six kids), or check your birth certificate. But not all birth certificates list the time of birth. If that’s the case, and you really want to know, you may be able to track down additional records by contacting your hospital of birth directly.

Once you’ve determined your time of birth, you can figure out your moon and rising on sign calculator websites. There are a lot of sites to choose from, and if you’re into it, you can also find information on where all of your planets are.

I’m a Gemini. Olive found my birth certificate this morning, and told me I was born at 2:33 AM. Then she used an app to calculate, and told me I have an Aries Rising and an Aries Moon. I don’t know what that means, but I’m sure I’ll have a great time reading and learning about it.

Goddess Camp:

A friend of mine, a writer (and a Mormon), is headed to Goddess Camp this summer. She’s never been before. I asked what was on the schedule and she said there’s lots of yoga, something about opening your chakras, and that campers will also have their Tarot cards read. I asked her if the Goddess Camp offered aura photography — she didn’t know, but she hoped so. I’ll be curious to get a report on the Goddess Camp when she gets back.

Have you ever tried any of those? I’ve done yoga, and had my aura photographed (see above), but not the others. I can’t really picture what opening your chakras might look like, but I’d love to have my Tarot cards read someday.

Once in awhile I see a set of Tarot cards in a gift shop and want to buy them. Have you ever noticed how stunning some of them are? I hesitate, because it feels like maybe I’m being disrespectful? Wanting to own something that another person may consider sacred, and that I’m just admiring as a beautiful object, but don’t really know how to use? I’m unfamiliar with the culture around Tarot, so it feels mysterious to me. I don’t think of Tarot cards as a particularly religious thing, but I consider them part of a spirituality practice — they’re kind of in that fuzzy zone, you know?

We spent Easter as a family in Pacific Grove, house guests of our friend Pauline. While we were there, we got to spend lots of time with a fellow houseguest, Keela, who is a prominent landscape architect and artist based in Berkeley. She’s an expert in rising signs and moon signs and astrology in general. She and Maude struck up a particular friendship immediately, but we all loved talking with Keela and learning from her.

Interestingly, the conversation with Keela transitioned from Astrology to personality tests. Keela finds the Enneagram Test accurate and helpful. She would try and guess our Enneagram numbers, as we took modified online tests around the dining table.

I think of personality tests in a different category than astrology, but I can see the overlap.

How do you feel about these types of things? Do you find horoscopes helpful? Have you ever had your cards read? Or your aura photographed? Have things like this ever helped you learn about yourself or others in a concrete way? What are your thoughts about the Enneagram Test or other personality tests? Do you see the overlap, or do you see them as a totally different thing than horoscopes? Does any of this stuff stress you out? Too close to witchcraft? Do you find the whole thing ridiculous? Or hard to take seriously? How would you feel about attending a Goddess Camp? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. — I once said that oil pulling is the most hippie thing I’ve ever done.