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Our family schedule is just getting back to normal this week, and New Year’s Resolutions are still on my mind. In fact, we just spent some time at Joshua Tree National Park and the whole drive home we talked about goals and resolutions as a family. When I think about resolutions, I think about improving my family life in marked, recognizable ways. I definitely don’t have a hard and fast procedure for resolutions at all, and I seem to try something a little different each year. This year, I would love to focus on reducing stress, increasing joy, and increasing my appreciation of present.

To accomplish these, I’m looking at adjusting existing habits — nutrition, exercise, nighttime routine, grooming schedule, prayer, meditation, etc.. And I’m also, looking at how I might institute new practices (or re-institute old ones), like a gratitude journal, and up-keeping our family albums and scrapbooks. 

As I considered my resolutions this year, I realized I also have another category that doesn’t involve habits or practices at all: things I can purchase that make a marked improvement on our quality of life. I don’t mean in a comfort-shopping sort of way; I’m not using my resolutions to encourage more consumption for my family. It’s just that there are a few things on my resolution to-do list that don’t really require anything beyond a simple purchase.

I confess, I’m excited about this category because I can see it’s going to bring that satisfying feeling of accomplishment, without having to restructure any habits. Hah! And I’m also excited about this category because these are the kind of resolutions that can be accomplished in a single sitting. And that momentum can be a (very) good thing when you have a long list of goals for the year.

As an example, one of the tasks in this category could be setting up ongoing donations to some of our favorite charities. Another task in this category could be getting reliable life insurance coverage. It’s kind of amazing how securing life insurance can really be a foundation for a more responsible approach to life. There’s something empowering and freeing about saying in effect: I have considered the worst case scenario, and have made accommodations for it. 

We took care of our life insurance coverage a few months ago, and if it’s on your list as well, let me help you out. Here’s an easy thing you can accomplish that will mark a life-changing task off your list, and bring some instant calm, reassurance, and a feeling of accomplishment: Get life insurance with the simple online service, Haven Life.

I know tasks like arranging life insurance can feel like a big pain in the neck. Do you need to gather paperwork? Make a doctor’s appointment? How much coverage do you need? Is the company trustworthy? Will the salesperson try and upsell you on an investment? Personally, I went years without updating my policy because I find this kind of thing so intimidating and such a nuisance. But the CEO of Haven life has changed all that.

A few years ago, he and his wife had their first child and needed life insurance coverage. He went to buy a policy and found the process to be totally antiquated. The whole ordeal included several weeks to get a decision on coverage, with lots of paperwork and back and forth conversations over phone, email and even fax.

He knew he could figure out a way to do it better, so he created Haven Life — a convenient, efficient, modern and affordable way to buy dependable life insurance coverage. They put the focus on prioritizing both your loved ones and your time, the two things we all care about most. With Haven Life, you can easily apply online for a policy, and if approved, start coverage immediately. Turns out his idea was a good one. Haven Life is less than three years old but has expanded quickly. They’re now nationwide.

They started doing business in California just a few months ago, and Ben Blair and I signed up for coverage immediately. Haven Life offers up to $2 million in affordable, easy-to-understand term life coverage for qualified applicants. And the rates are really competitive with the rest of the industry. For example, for Ben Blair, we pay just $69 per month for a 20-year, million dollar policy — the best pricing we found.

For those who are curious, this is how the sign up process went. First, we used their easy (dare I say fun?) insurance calculator to get an idea of how much coverage we would need, and to instantly get an estimate on pricing. Next we submitted our applications online — it only took a few minutes. We heard back immediately, and our coverage started right then. We had 30 days to take a medical exam to verify the information in our applications.

Meanwhile, almost instantly, we were contacted by a health care practitioner who made an appointment to come to our home the very next day for a quick exam. You can go to a facility or have them come to your house or workplace. We chose our home. We didn’t have to do any legwork to make that appointment, it was all handled by Haven Life. And we heard back from Haven Life within a couple of days of testing that our policies were confirmed. So easy and convenient!

Go spend a few minutes on their site and you’ll see how quick and easy the whole thing is. And, depending on your age and health, you might even be able to skip the medical exam, which will be determined by health information in the application process. As you can see, they’ve pretty much proactively addressed any possible excuse you might have had to procrastinate.

A couple things to keep in mind:

Are you already covered through your employer? That’s great. But be aware, it’s probably not enough. With employer-provided life insurance, you’re usually underinsured (with only 1 to 2 times your salary), and you usually lose the coverage when you leave your job. Think of it more as a supplement to your main coverage.

If you’re married and only one of you works, you might assume you only need to insure the wage earner. But both parents should have coverage — even if you don’t technically earn a salary. To try and replace what a non-earning parent does would still be really expensive!

Getting insured by a young startup might sound risky, but you should know that Haven Life is backed and wholly owned by MassMutual, a Fortune 100 company with over 160 years experience and a long history of financial strength.

I have to tell you, it was such a relief to update our life insurance coverage. And the process was so satisfying. The jargon is kept to a minimum and nothing is scary or intimidating. Their communications are genuine and understandable, their products focus on affordability and efficiency, and their customer service is lovely. Plus, they won’t upsell you because there’s nothing to upsell.

Get this year started off on the right foot by helping to financially protect your family with life insurance coverage. I’m telling you, it’s a game changer. Spend a few minutes now, and you may find yourself applying for coverage over your next lunch break. Can’t you just feel the relief already?

Updating our life insurance coverage truly brought calm to my head and my heart. It means I can say to myself, “Well, the worst case scenario has been accounted for.” And it allowed me to check something pretty major off my emotional and mental responsibility list.

What about you? Is your life insurance coverage something you’re determined to pay attention to this year? What else is on your task list right now that would make a big difference to your peace of mind if you took take of it? I’d love to hear.

P.S. — Haven Life just launched a free-to-all emergency services app. It was a passion project of their CEO, who is a father of two. Let me know what you think.


This post is sponsored by Haven Life. Haven Life is changing the way you buy quality term life insurance so that it’s actually simple.

Haven Term is a Term Life Insurance Policy (ICC15DTC) issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111 and offered exclusively through Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC.