I’ve posted before about the potholder rugs made by Crispina. But I had never actually seen one in real life. Until the gift show. And I have to say, they are even more wonderful in person. In fact, the Crispina booth was possibly my favorite of the whole show. Crispina products are thick with color and texture and beauty.

The photo above shows 3 rugs folded and stacked, resting on a yellow rug that’s covering the floor. I can’t say “thick” enough when describing these cozy rugs. And apparently, with a quick phone call, they can make a rug in colors perfectly suited to your decor.

And it’s clear that when they talk eco or earth friendly, they are the real deal. The materials in everything they make have had a previous life. Their products are literally, and visibly-to-the-naked-eye recycled. In the purest sense of the word.

I especially love the bed they had set up in the booth. It was impossibly welcoming. And not just because I was Gift-Show-tired. Can you see the orange and yellow pieced blanket with circles? I couldn’t stop touching it. And all those cozy pillows.

There’s something a bit untidy about the edges and construction that make Crispina products seem especially family friendly. Life with kids is, in fact, untidy. But with products like these, untidy looks pretty great.