Have you seen this? Cricut (the die-cutting machines I wrote about here) has a food version. It cuts out sheets of edible materials like gum paste, cookie dough, and frosting sheets. The cutouts can then be used for decorating cupcakes or cookies. And just this week, Martha Stewart introduced a collaboration with Cricut Cake. The Martha team has come up with 3 cartridges full of gorgeous designs.

I’m fascinated with the idea of these precise food cutouts. They look so pretty — and I can imagine all sorts of gorgeous creations made from them. But I secretly wonder if this preciseness will signal some sort of food backlash — where the newest, coolest cupcakes will be sloppily slathered with something yummy in a very un-precise, undecorated way. : )

What do you think? Are you a food cut-out fan?