I really like this shot from Blueprint. I’ve been looking for a shelving solution for my girls room and maybe a configuration inspired by this one would do the trick.
(Just imagine it sans cactus, plus toys.)

What I like about this idea:
1 Crates. I’ve been using wooden crates for storage since I first married. They’re wood, they’re inexpensive, they’re good-looking, what’s not to love? But I haven’t seen them used this way. Setting them both on and underneath the table makes a real difference in what they can do. I also like the various sizes of crates, and that there is a lid option.

2 Everything is sort-of white washed. For the girls room I wouldn’t go white wash, but I could pull it all together with one color.

3 The whole idea is much more flexible than a traditional bookshelf. It can easily be changed to fit new toys or a lamp.

4 The whole thing has a bit of a messy feel. Maybe this would help camoflage the actual messiness of my girls’ various belongings.

For crates, try Michaels or Crate Creations.