This weekend, we put together a compost area. It was so exciting! This has been on my mind since June was born, but I hadn’t been able to make it happen. And marking it off my list was the most satisfying feeling. Now, Oscar’s new chore is to run outside everyday and dump the leavings (not meat, of course) in the compost bin. He’s pretty sure it’s the greatest chore ever.

We decided to try the GeoBin composting system that we found. It’s easy to put together, adjustable in size, and relatively inexpensive. It can be rolled up and stored, and easily moved — which makes sense for renters like us.

I get my composting advice from my friend Tania — she’s tried everything, and she’s even taken composting classes at the world-class Stone Barns in New York. Tania’s favorite method is a 3-bin system. You fill one bin over 4 months, then you let it sit and start filling bin number two for 4 months and let it sit. Then you start filling bin number 3. By the time bin number 3 is ready to sit still, the soil in bin number one is done breaking down and is ready to use.

Now we have a tidy place to put the bushels and bushels of wormy apples from our backyard tree. Want to know more about composting? I asked Tania, and Kelly of Make Grow Gather for book recommendations. They said try Let it Rot! and The Rodale Book of Composting and Garden Anywhere.

What about you? Do you compost? Do you have a favorite method? Did you make your own bin?