For the past 13 Christmases, a firefighter dressed as Santa Claus has repelled off the Belize Bridge to deliver gifts to children living below in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Guatemala City. Heart-warming and heroic is a lovely combination, isn’t it?

Forget for a moment that Santa’s belly and beard look less than authentic, and imagine instead the joy this wonderful tradition must bring to those kids. It makes me feel lucky and a little misty all at once.

There are so many stories like this one that spark chain-reactions of kindness. You’ve heard of the Layaway Santas paying off others’ layaway accounts, right? I’m sure there’s more goodness out there, too. I believe in it! Tell me: What’s your favorite Good Samaritan story?

P.S. — Another sweet December story.

Photos courtesy of Reuters/Jorge. Dan Lopez as seen on BuzzFeed.