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By Gabrielle. Photo by Marla Trevino.

Two things I’m excited about (especially because I might get to see you!):

1) It was just announced this afternoon, so this news is super fresh, and I’m totally goosebumps about it — I get to interview Rita Wilson at Mom 2.0 on Thursday!!! I seriously can’t wait. Our conversation will be the closing keynote, and it’s going to begin with a musical performance from Rita’s self-titled new album. So fantastic!

I’m working on the questions for her right this minute, and I can already tell the interview is going to go too dang fast. There are so many topics I want to discuss with her. Honestly, I’m confident we could talk for a good 4 or 5 hours (maybe days?) and not run out of interesting things to cover, but I’ll take whatever time I can get!

Are you coming to M0m 2.0? It’s taking place at the resort featured above. Not too shabby.

2) This coming Sunday, May 1st, I’ll be speaking in Oakland — and you can come if you like! The event is totally free and you don’t need to reserve a spot. All are welcome. Bring your friends!

Our congregation has recently hosted an 8-week class on the History of Women in the Mormon Church, and to finish it off, I’ve been asked to join a panel of four women, to discuss the topic of Mormon Women Online.

Writer Kathryn Pritchett will moderate the discussion, and my three fellow panelists are Heather Farley, Meg Conley and Hannah Pritchett. You can find more info here. Should be really fun!

So, I guess the main point of this short little post is: if you’re going to be in Orange County this Thursday, or the Bay Area on Sunday, I hope I’ll get to see you! I’d really love to meet you and say hello. Woo hoo!