Part of being a Mother in 2008 means not being able to meet friends at the park without some discussion, minor or major, about reusable grocery bags. And I’m not even exaggerating at all. Grocery bags are a big topic. Huge.

So of course, my eyes are constantly peeled for the best bags to recommend. And it’s true, I’ve already linked to several different types in previous posts. But today, I’m going to introduce two different versions that focus on the ability-to-become-small as one of their chief aspects.

First Baggu. It’s a great website with great photography. So you should probably check it out just for that. The bags are sturdy, generously proportioned (they hold the equivalent of 2-3 grocery bags), they sit flat when they are filled, and they come in great colors.

Next, meet Flip & Tumble. Featuring another smart site with a little video that shows you how fast it is to collapse these bags — easy as balling a pair of socks.

Flip & Tumble bags are so small that it’s a cinch to keep one with you all the time. And in a pinch, the ball will double as entertainment for your toddler.