I’ve got a new project/blog feature to announce today and I’m so excited! It’s called CliqueShop and I hope you’ll love it. Each week I’ll be announcing a special deal — a deep discount or huge bargain on products we all love. If enough Design Mom Readers are interested in the deal, then it happens. If there’s not enough interest, then the deal is off. Sound good?

For the first deal, I’m featuring the non-toxic cleaning supply company, Eco-Me. They offer earth-friendly cleaning products for your home — even DIY kits if you’d like to make your own cleaning products. So cool!

Get a $25 gift certificate to Eco-Me for $10.

That’s right. $25 worth of product for only $10. I wasn’t kidding about the huge bargain! If you’d like to get in on this deal, go here and click “buy”. If 75 Design Mom Readers (or more) want the bargain, the deal will go through. Awesome!

Again, I hope you’ll love this. If we all buy together, we can use our buying power to get great deals. And we all love a deal. : ) As with everything on this blog, it’s an experiment. So I hope you’ll check out CliqueShop and let me know what you think.

If you love it, you can find out about the next deal — even before I announce it — by subscribing here.