Maybe it’s the economy or a greater awareness of where our food comes from, but backyard chickens seem to be everywhere. We jumped on the bandwagon and were pleased to discover that Nellie and Rockefeller, our Plymouth Barred Rock and Araucana, practically take care of themselves. They’re the perfect pets. I’ve loved watching our sweet babe watch “his” chickens as they grew from little fluff balls to the brazen teenage chicks that now stroll the yard. At only a year he’s learned to feed them, how to pat them gently and he’s learned to love them. He has a special laugh he reserves just for their antics. Come August or September they’ll be gifting us greenish-blue and speckled brown eggs every morning.

If building your own coop sounds intimidating check out these sleek options from Omlet, a British company that has recently started selling their adorable Eglu hen houses state side.