Photo and text by Gabrielle.

Hi there! I’m waving hello from a ski day in Utah!

This has been a really lovely holiday break. Christmas Eve was spent with family. It was all about carols and favorite foods, with a Nativity reenactment by the kids in the evening. Then on Christmas morning, the kids woke us up at 6:00 and we opened presents. I have to say, Christmas morning with little kids in the house is one of the most magical things that you can experience on this Earth. I know we only have a few years left and I’m already broken-hearted just thinking about it!

Ben Blair and I followed up the unwrapping with a very long nap, and when we woke up, we decided to pack everyone up and drive to Utah! It was sort of last-minute, but not totally. We’d been toying with the idea of going — because of a Blair family event — but weren’t sure what the roads would be like or if we would really be up for it. But the kids loved the idea, so we packed the suitcases, and started out that evening. We arrived in Midway, Utah on Saturday and we’ll be here until we drive back this Friday, New Year’s Day.

The snowfall in Utah has already been generous this year, and Midway, which is a tiny charming town, is looking particularly lovely with a thick layer of white. We feel lucky to be here and lucky that we get to enjoy a really picturesque Christmas vacation. The snow is especially enjoyable since we know we’re headed back to sunny California in a few days. : )

Today, Ben Blair and the kids are skiing, and since skiing is not my favorite, I’m sitting in the lodge and cracking open my laptop for the first time in a week. Ski days are fairly complicated for our family of 8 — rentals, tickets, shuttles, hauling gear, etc. — and even though I don’t hit the slopes, I’m still an integral part of making it work. Perhaps that will change when we no longer have little kids. I feel like I should write up a post on how we make it work, for fellow families who describe themselves as not-frequent skiers. Hah!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday break as well. Are you doing anything fun? Are you traveling, or staying in, or some of both? Is the weather too warm or too cold where you live, or is it business as usual? Whatever is on your schedule this week, I hope you’re getting to enjoy your kids before they go back to school. Monday is coming too darn fast!

P.S. — I’ve been sharing photos of our trip on Instagram, if you’d like to see. Also, I have a couple of other fun posts to share with you this week and will publish them in just a bit.