The Human Body

By Koseli.

After asking for recommendations for apps to review, I received a plethora of tweets and emails asking me to please review TinyBop’s freshly launched app, The Human Body. I’d seen the buzz and was super curious what everyone was so excited about. Since my son is a little young to explore the app, we invited a friend’s four-year-old to explore it with us and give us his uncensored feedback. Ha!

The Human Body 2 The Human Body 3

From my perspective, the app itself is beautiful. It’s easy to navigate, well-designed, and well constructed. It’s not blatantly obvious how to interact with the app, but the poking and prodding around makes for an interesting and wonderful discovery. There’s a surprise sound (guts gurgle) or subtle interaction at every turn. (The sound effects are really amazing and add to the whole experience of exploring the different body systems.) If you have a child that learns better by just getting in there, asking questions, and poking around, this app could be a great way to create a deeper understanding and fascination with the body and its systems. Our little friend enjoyed the app and especially loved the sounds the body makes as you explore different systems. We would definitely recommend The Human Body for all kids.

The app crashed a couple of times but I’m sure that’s only from small bugs the team is busy remedying. The app is recommended for age 4+ and available for iPhone and iPad only at the moment. (I apologize to all those that have asked for app recommendations not only on iPhone, but on Android and other devices. If you have any favorite apps for Android, I’d love to hear. It’s been hard to find them!)

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