Fiete, best app for kidsFiete, best app for kids

By Koseli.

After we received such an amazing response about Christoph Niemann’s new iPad app, we thought an occasional feature of our favorite apps for children would be helpful. We’ll be highlighting our favorite educational, beautiful, and thoughtful techy creations out there — many of which you said were your favorites!

Fiete is an illustrated, interactive book for children ages 1-3. You follow a friendly sailor type through a miscellany of games. Various tasks like, putting swiss cheese on toast, dropping apples in a basket, or loading cargo onto a ship take a little bit of coordination to master, but even a baby as young as a year could have fun moving the objects around.

The background music is darling and subtle, which becomes extra important after the app has been open awhile. : ) We loved this beautiful app and highly recommend it for a long flight or a lazy Saturday morning. Available for iPhone and iPad only. You can buy it here.