Every few months I get an itching to change things up. Sometimes it’s reorganizing a room, but lately its been redoing two rooms entirely. I love the look of a new, fresh coat of paint in the room and the delusion that the work is increasing the value of my home. Well, to me it does anyway, I retort. . . again, to myself. . .

These cute designs are my inspiration for my son, Hugh’s room. I modified the colors and shapes to fit Hugh’s room, and painted them in big ikea frames I painted orange-red. I really like the cat. Hugh (baby) had the old blue and yellow sun and moon and star theme his brothers had from several years ago, just because “that’s what we had,” and I’ve been itching to do something different for about 6 months. I finally bought the paint, which is always difficult for me because I usually have one room decorated three times in my head, all equally presentable. I finally chose a very pale icy green. I will accent it with a “plate rack-turned-book-display” and two three-drawer-sectioned-benches-stacked-on-top-of-each-other-and-secured-together “toy cubby” in an orange based red. The orange-red in Hugh’s room looks suspiciously like the hue found in Target. . . is that a coincidence or a subconscious homage?

I don’t like matchy-matchy, but I like coordinating colors emphasized with contrasting patterns. I favor a mid-century modern feel and textiles and patterns from this design are easy to copy and translate well with kids because they have a bright, fun feel to them. I’m looking for some fun vintage fabric that will compliment the colors to make a crib skirt and pad for our brown rocking chair.

I just finished Phoebe’s room (3 and a half). She has a blue-based teal room with a hand-painted wall paper (copied from an expensive design) with magenta and white flowers, gray vines, and pale green flowers, with plain magenta bedding. I “borrowed” the idea from House Couturier which has some beautiful expensive wall paper that I might consider once the children have left home. I love “Summers Eve,” which is an unfortunate name, but the estrogen theme is appropriate nonetheless. Her carpet is neutral and her bookcase, doll furniture, and curtains are all white. Simple. On the wall facing Phoebe as she lays in her bed is the Emily Dickinson poem on “If I can stop one heart from breaking.”

Even in the midst of redecorating, my mind is coming up with the idea for “next” time, so I can watch for colors, items, etc. as I’m on my merry little way here and there.