red stools

This post is sponsored by the new app, Chairish. Buy, Sell, Adore.

Imagine a super cool tag sale that you can organize, set up and close out from your phone. A tag sale that only has really good stuff. That’s how I think of the app Chairish. I’m super into it! First, because it’s crazy easy to use — way faster than putting a listing on Craig’s List. Second, because as we continue to work on the treehouse, we keep needing to sell stuff — so Chairish is truly filling a need for me right this minute. And third, because I think the name is so clever!

The key that makes the app so great, is that the listings are curated. Meaning, users can’t list any old thing. No links to depressing furniture from moldy estate sale to sort through. Just high quality items that fit an up-to-date aesthetic. Another thing that makes it so great is the “make an offer” option. See something you love that’s out of budget? No problem. The listed price is just a suggestion. Click make an offer, and the seller can choose to accept it, decline it, or even counter the offer with their own!

To show you how easy the app is to use, I listed a set of 2 red stools for sale. If you’re local, you can pick them up today! They are the super popular, super sturdy Tolix-style stools in the perfect shade of red. They are bar height (30 inches) and have only been used for for a few months. I adore them! Alas, once we got them home, I could see they weren’t quite right for the space. A little too high. So they’ve been placeholders while I kept hunting. But new stools have been found (I’ll share them another day), and now it’s time to sell the red ones.

Chairish Screengrab 2

So, I quickly snapped a few photos with my phone and uploaded them to Chairish, with a short description and measurements too (that’s a screenshot of my listing above). Then, Chairish did the rest! For the lead photo, the team at Chairish whites out the background, so it looks like a clean, professional product shot. I think it makes browsing on Chairish so much more pleasant! Also, I find it’s a thousand times easier for me to form an objective opinion about an item when it’s not in front of a background.

Since Spring is on its way, I’m guessing many of you are also clearing out furnishings, and seeking new pieces to refresh your rooms. If so, I’d highly recommend giving Chairish a spin. Try it for selling, but don’t forget, it’s for buying as well! And there are some really good finds available — furniture, mirrors, throw pillows, artwork — with new items added every day. In fact, here are some of the items on Chairish that I’ve added to my possibilities list:

Chairish Product Collage Spring 2014

1) This Mid-century Cabinet with pretty details.
2) A super cool Orbit Chandelier.
3) I have no idea what I would do with them, but I think I need these brass Trojan Horse Heads. Or perhaps this Brass Dolphin.
4) Someone needs to grab this gorgeous Sewing Table.
5) The happiest sunny Yellow Dresser.
6) An Arc de Triomphe Painting I’ve fallen in love with.
7)  Teak Nesting Tables — I could use these in a dozen places.

What do you think? Do you get a kick out of selling your stuff (my dad LOVED this sort of thing!), or maybe hunting down treasures? If you give Chairish a try, I hope you’ll let us know how it goes for you! And hey, if you need a pair of red stools, I’ve got a great lead for you. : ) Feel free to make an offer!

P.S. — If you’re reading this from your phone, here’s a link directly to the Chairish app that will work better for you.