By Gabrielle. Photos by Emily Weiss.

Airports and the internet are my favorite spots to people watch, but only the latter is entirely creepy-free when you stare and take mental style notes for minutes on end! I’m afraid I would startle Catherine Walsh with my awe over her effortless beauty. Red lips as uniform, day and night, and silver hair as stunning accessory. Bold but entirely simple. Natural, yet amped up a few notches. A stand-out in any crowd without seeming to have tried too hard to stand out.

For those of us who try to achieve this in real life, we know it’s super complicated to appear uncomplicated, right?! And yet, Catherine gives us hope. Here are a few of her basics:

The idea that beauty is going to save the world. (I feel the same way about design. And mothers!) That the biggest luxury in the world right now is to be anonymous. (Imagine Googling your name only to find nothing! Kind of glorious.) No matter how much you put on top of your skin, it is all about diet and discipline. Cetaphil. Fresh Sugar Face Polish. Remember to apply fragrance to moist skin and don’t rub it in. Facials monthly. Matte red lips always.

Are you inspired by her style like I am? (Kelly green wedges are now on my wish list.) Tell me: Who are you mooning over these days?