By Gabrielle.

Friday elicits a calm uniquely its own, don’t you think? My shoulders drop contentedly, my pre-weekend chores feel more like I’m preparing for a holiday, and I’m usually more daring in my wardrobe choices. No casual Friday for me! (Usually.)

Fine and Dandy is an anti-casual New York men’s shop specializing in the accouterments of a well-dressed life. That includes boutonnieres, spats, Paris garters, and glass cases filled with treasures you might remember your grandfather owning. I could spend an afternoon and a bank account in there for Ben Blair and Ralph and Oscar and — who am I kidding? — for me, too. I could go full-on Annie Hall and be perfectly content for the rest of my days!

How do you dress on Fridays? Like any other day, or as if you’re on your way to a wonderful place that I like to call The Weekend?

All photos by Donna Alberico for The New York Times.