While everyone from Cookie Monster to Jimmy Fallon and the Harvard baseball team has made their own “Call Me Maybe” video, no one has done it quite so artfully as the New Haven 3Penny Chorus and Orchestra. With flutes, violas, trombones, and cellos a plenty, the full orchestra is accompanied by a choral ensemble, and together they turn the song of the summer into a delicate gift of classical music. The sweetness and soft melodies surprised me the whole way through.

Did you get chills, too?  Be sure to watch the practice clips at the end; it hit me that although this is a pop song that we’ve all sung at the top of our lungs in the car, these are musicians who worked really hard to turn it into something else. I love when the singers use the music sheets to fan themselves!

Remind me of other genius remakes out there, will you please?

P.S. — This bit of lovely was written by one of Design Mom’s newest editors, Raleigh-Elizabeth. We may just call her Bunny. A more formal introduction to follow soon!