My kids are out of school this week and it’s very cold outside, so we’ve been coming up with fun indoor projects to fill the time. This one is fantastic:

Calafant makes blank, sturdy, cardboard toys. They are easily constructed, and can be decorated with any art supplies you have on hand. Or even left plain. They are beautiful either way. The toys comes in small size, medium size, large size, and really-big-play-inside-size. We put together the Calafant Treehouse — a large size project that was ideal for several kids to work on at once.

First: they put the tree together. Second, they realized that their Playmobile people fit perfectly into the space.

Third, they pulled out the markers and went to work. (Feel free to click on any of these photos to enlarge them for more detail.)

A great collaborative toy to work on! They keep coming back to it to fill in another area with marker. And a great toy to interact and play with as well — Oscar has made the tree house a permanent home for at least 2 dozen of his favorite figures. Extra bonus: these toys are made to endure several months of active play and when it’s time to retire them, they are completely recyclable.