Last report on our trip, I promise.
On the way home from Toronto we spent half a day at Niagara Falls. I had wanted to see the Falls since I was a kid and it was every bit as impressive as I hoped. We visited the Canadian side and the views were spectacular. On another visit we’ll try the American side so we can hear the roar of the water and try one of the hikes that take you down near the water. The weather was chilly but not cold and the light was intense. It was really, really beautiful.

After the Falls, we were able to visit our incredibly gracious and super-cool friends in Buffalo. They finally had their power restored — post storm — after a couple of days in the dark, and had us over for pizza and Buffalo wings. We were able to meet their beautiful daughters Rose and Daisy (love those names!) and generally destroy their house before heading out for the night. Their home was so great. Lots of small, creative details that had me taking mental notes all evening. A great ceramic plate collection on the wall. Twinkle lights with little ribbons making a night light in the baby’s room. Very inspiring.

We hadn’t seen Devon and Michelle in a long time and could have hung out with them for days at a time without running out of good conversation. It was a great, but too short, visit.