By Gabrielle.

Friends. I have a fantastic giveaway for you today! Brinca Dada, the makers of super-cool toys, are offering a $150 gift certificate so you can choose whatever you like from among their awesome product line. Hooray!

brinca dada dollhouse

Speaking of awesome products, Brinca Dada started with modern dollhouses that are too good-looking to hide away in a play room.

brinca dada colored blocks

Then, they expanded to irresistible wooden block and puzzle sets — the sort of toys you want on display.

Stunt Brothers Toy Line by Brinca Dada

What’s next? They’re about to expand their line of toys again, and they’re doing it through Kickstarter — take a look at The Stunt Brothers! Brinca Dada has created a line of Stunt Show Toys including parachutists, cars and drivers, and cannons + nets. The whole line is built on the principles of Fun, Design, and Science.

The Kickstarter Campaign looks amazing — great prizes and really cool toys. Let’s help get it funded!

To enter this giveaway, check out The Stunt Brothers on Kickstarter or the Brinca Dada product line and leave a comment below — would you choose a dollhouse, the colorful blocks, or fun toys from the Stunt Brothers line? The winner will be announced on Monday. Good luck!


Kirsten W. is the lucky winner. Thanks for playing!