Do you like to have breakfast in bed? A perfect way to start the day at

By Raleigh-Elizabeth. Pretty handmade blanket via Martha, who else?

Growing up, birthdays in our house were met with one, very special regularity: The birthday girl got breakfast in bed. As the most breakfast-averse child in existence, I loved this one treat. Breakfast in bed was a celebration, and it could be anything I wanted. Maybe a piece of festive, leftover pie. Maybe a cheese sandwich and some cocoa. No matter what was on the tray, I knew for certain before I opened my eyes that today was going to special: After all, the day started with breakfast in bed.

As adults, we’ve hung on to breakfast in bed. Before we became a family of three, we looked forward to rainy days where we could bring the newspaper back into the bed for a morning of flannel pajamas, fuzzy socks, and a cozy start to the day. Nowadays, our kidlet loves to snuggle with us in the morning, so we take every opportunity to spend an early Saturday just chatting about baby things with him all cuddled up in our bed… and breakfast by our sides.

As important as dinner at the table is for good family habits, breakfast in bed is the perfect start for a day of happiness.

Because I am evangelical about breakfast in bed, I don’t recommend getting all fussy and gourmet with it. Rather, I suggest starting with what you already love: Whatever your morning routine is, try waking up a few minutes early and savoring it in bed. I guarantee it’s better than hitting the snooze button. Even if all you do is snuggle out of the bed to grab some O.J. and snuggle back in, try it. It will make your day.

Yogurt and oatmeal are particularly bed-friendly, but things that involve crumbs warrant a breakfast-in-bed tray, be advised. These trays are not only useful, but they’re also super fun. We use a pretty silver tray that holds both of our mugs, Hunter’s bottle, and our two breakfast plates. The tray itself we picked up on the cheap at an antique store — I think we paid probably twenty dollars for it in its super tarnished state, but that was nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t fix. Crate and Barrel has a great melamine one, which is nearly as indestructible as ours, and most home stores sell the variety with legs that act like mini-tables. Somehow, I’m prone to knock those over more than a big tray on the covers, but I’m also particularly klutzy. When Hunter gets a little older, I’m going to get a rimmed cookie sheet and let him paint it so that he has his very own, personalized breakfast tray, too. (I figure that’s the most practical way to do it?)

We don’t serve anything special for our breakfasts in bed, since usually, there’s nothing special about our breakfast in bed other than that it’s breakfast, and we’re having it in bed. When we do go all out, Bill loves to make french toast or breakfast tacos (with chorizo, poached eggs, fresh pico, and charred peppers), and I love eating them. In turn, I specialize in filled pancakes and cheese grits (a Southern specialty if there ever were one, but mine are not yet quite as good as my mother’s).

Lately, with Hunter going through some unfathomable sleep regression and us being new parents exhausted by seven p.m., we’ve actually taken to having the occasional dinner picnic in bed, too. It’s nice — because we finally get to stretch out and be cozy — but it has nothing on breakfast. Breakfast in bed is the breakfast of champions — or, it’s at least the breakfast of really happy, calm, champion-dreaming people. (It’s easy to dream you can champion the day when you’re eating your breakfast in bed, after all, because no day can be bad that has breakfast in bed in it.)

By four o’clock in the afternoon, my morning coffee in bed almost seems like a dream. Like it’s impossible to imagine it happening this morning, and it’s completely magical that it might happen again tomorrow. But that coffee? Snuggled back into bed? It’s the best reason to get out of bed in the first place, and the very best reason to get back in.

Do you ever eat breakfast in bed? Would you do it on a regular Thursday, or do you just save it for special occasions?