Note: My friend Josh, a man with impeccable taste, sent me an email about two books, which I vowed to check out immediately. But weeks later, I still haven’t. So I thought I would tell you about them today anyway, because I think they look fantastic. And maybe this post will be the thing that finally gets me to place a book order already. Both have great reviews at Amazon and are under $8 in hardcover. Thanks, Josh!

From Josh: I was just at the library, and I came across two really cute/well designed books you should check out.

The first: Not a Box
Cute, simple line drawings. It is about a bunny that keeps insisting his cardboard box is not a box, it is a rocket ship, a mountain, etc. Find it here.

Number two: Selma
It is one of those cute books that you would give as a gift to your mom, or a co-worker or whoever. It is about a sheep, with a simple life who is happy with her simple life. Here it is at Amazon.