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Make a You Are Special Today plate using one of these 3 designs:

You Are Special Today Calligraphy

Download them for free! Calligraphy by Melissa Esplin. Finished plate photo by Amy Christie.

Reading Loft Tour43

Make flexible crate shelves with the instructions in this DIY post.

How to Build a Giant Work Table

Build a giant work table with the instructions in this how-to post.



The photos in the book were captured in dozens of beautiful homes around the world. Prepping your home for a photo shoot is no simple task — it’s a big commitment of time and patience. So special thanks to the following homeowners for graciously opening their doors, and, in some cases, acting as photographers and stylists as well:

Courtney Adamo, Mariana Anderson, Meta Coleman, Sara Davis, Leigh Deighton, Ruth de Vos, Jamie Diersing, Katy DillPaul and Jordan FerneyTina Fussell, Alexis Garrett, Kirsty Gungor, Laura Hall, Mary Heffernan, Agnes Hsu, Amy Jacobs, Rae Ann Kelly, Jenny Komenda, Kate and Ed Lewis, Janette Maclean, Jeanne McGuire, Trina McNeilly, Shannon Molenaar, Jo-Anne Pabst and Grant Taylor, Rachel Peters, Jane Rhodes, Sarah Sandidge, Rachel ShingletonLiz Stanley, Candice Stringham, Joslyn Taylor, Michelle Turchini, Esther van der Paal, Fleur van Kesteren, and Liz Bell Young.



Would you like to write about the book? Super! If you’d like, you are welcome to use any of the photos below for accompanying articles. Please credit: Photography by Seth Smoot, styling by Kendra Smoot for Design Mom. If you need hi-res versions of these images, request by email.

Oh, and feel free to pin these photos as well!


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