Design Mom Book Cover Photoshoot

Image and text by Gabrielle.

Ready for another update on my Design Mom book? I haven’t updated you guys since March, but there’s tons of fun stuff going on. Two things in particular I want to report, for those of you who are following along behind the scenes.

First, we shot the photo for the cover! You can see a sneak peek above. This happened in July, and since then, the book designer has sent over several different book cover designs. I’m going to check with my editor, and if she doesn’t mind, I’ll share the options with you guys and see what you think.

Second, in the book process right now, I’m responding to comments from copyeditors. This is how the process has worked for my book. Last March, as I mentioned, I handed in the first manuscript. My editor went through it, sent me notes, and the book went through some major revisions. Sections were removed, the focus of the book was refined, topics were reordered, more actionable advise was added in where needed.

That took a long time. And I had to break down the tasks chapter by chapter so that I could make it more manageable.

Then, the revised chapters were sent back to my editor, one by one. A team of copyeditors took the revised chapters and have been going through them with a fine tooth comb. They’re looking for simple things like typos and grammatical errors, plus more complex things like places that need clarification or simplification. When the copyeditors finish a chapter, they send it back to me with their notes and changes. I’ve received 3 chapters back so far.

Then, I go through the comments and changes and I respond to each one as needed.

What a process! And still lots more to do!!

For those of you who have written a book or worked in publishing, this sort of info is very likely old news. But to me, the process is brand new. Bloggers don’t generally work with editors. I’ll proofread my posts, or have Ben Blair proof one if I want some extra eyes on it. And my siblings are good about sending me a heads up when they see a typo I missed (even with proof-reading, I miss something in every post). But this process is very different, and I LOVE how it works. It’s amazing to see the improvement from the first manuscript to where the book is now.

Another exciting tidbit is that my book editor, Lia Ronnen, was just named Publisher at Artisan Books last month. Such a big deal!

Anyway, I thought some of you might be curious about how the book process works. I find stuff like this fascinating! Have you ever been through an editing process like this? If yes, what did you think of it? I find it incredibly challenging — and that’s an understatement for sure. : )

P.S. — You didn’t know I was writing a book? It’s been a looonng process. You can read the original announcement here. And you can read about why it’s taking me so long in this post.