McSweeney’s has just introduced a new imprint of children’s books and We Need a Horse is the first title I’ve taken a look at. It’s possible that I’m biased — at this point I assume I’ll love anything McSweeney’s publishes. But truly, I think this is a wonderful book.

The story is about a horse with a really big question: why is she a horse and not some other animal? And the story moves on from there as sweetly and gently as it possibly can.

It’s not a long story, but there’s so much to look at in the gorgeous illustrations of Clare Rojas, that it’s still a book to linger over. It feels like a good bedtime story to me, though I haven’t tried it out with the kids yet — I think I’ll save it for a Christmas gift.

P.S. — Do you ever shop ahead for the holidays? Also, I’m working on the next Work/Life Balance post. Planning to share it later today…