By Carter.

Virginia Wolf, by Canada’s Kyo Maclear and Isabelle Arsenault, is like a beautiful dream, wrapped up and bound by a spine. Are you an artist? A writer? A squabbling sister? This story is very loosely based on Virginia Woolf and her older sister, the painter Vanessa Bell.

But it’s also a bit of a story on the severity of blue moods and bad days, as wolfish Virginia finds joy in nothing. When the house sinks and glad becomes gloom, Vanessa paints for Virginia. She paints a place with frosted cakes and fruit that squeaks, and calls this place Bloomsberry. It’s rich and colorful and squashes Virginia’s fierceness. Trees that look like lollipops and an elephantine shrub will do that, right? But so will love. And so will art. And this book is a gorgeous illustration of that from start to finish.

P.S — Do you have any favorite children’s books that are gentle with ambitious topics, like this tender glance into Virginia Woolf’s very real depression?

Virginia WolfVirginia Wolf