The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahlberg

Images and text by Carter.

Sometimes in a picture book you just need some good old-fashioned chaos and mayhem, right? When a Design Mom reader (hi, Amy!) suggested The Runaway Dinner, I was immediately charmed. And also grateful. This book debuted in my last year as a school librarian, so I completely missed it! There’s definitely a black hole on my bookshelf from the late 2000s, because as it turned out, working in the movies is the wrong form of storytelling to me. Reading this one ripped me right back to my roots.

Banjo Cannon has an ordinary life and a cat named Mildred, and every day of his ordinary life he eats the same dinner – a sausage, three peas, four baby carrots, and a handful of fries. And then there was the day that the sausage up and left. He ran away. What follows is a hysterical romp through the park to get the dinner back to Banjo Cannon’s table.

Something I love about picture books is that what seems like a simple plot sometimes isn’t at all. The narrator drives the pace here, and does a brilliant job of creating drama and suspense. And yes, I promise – you will be on the edge of your seat, all for a handful of peas!

P.S. – I know it’s a specific request, but do you have any favorites from the late 2000s? I don’t want to miss something incredible!